A step-by-step guide to writing the perfect Physics IA

Sit beside me (almost literally!) and copy my exact workflow as I write the perfect IB Physics IA from scratch

If you need more details / convincing – read below…

Write your physics ia easily using my step-by-step guide

Here are some of the concerns you may have about your IB Physics IA:

  • You need an IA topic that is original and meets your interests, but is not too hard
  • You just want to get it done so you can focus on the other mountain of work required by the IB
  • You haven’t got any experience with physics practical work and need guidance
  • You don’t know where to start and you feel panicked / alone
  • Your teacher can’t / won’t give you much help

That’s why I created my complete step-by-step guide

With my online course – you’ll sit beside me as I write the perfect Physics IA. I’ll provide valuable and actionable guidance for you to complete your IA quickly and efficiently; from choosing your topic to tackling all the crazy uncertainties!

“Sally is a fantastic tutor. Her experience and passion for IB physics is what made all the difference in my final mark. An expert in her field but with an unparalleled understanding of students’ needs to meet their maximum potential”


This step-by-step guide is the ultimate support system for IB Physics students struggling with their Physics IA. This course gets straight to the point and you can finish your IA quickly to maximise your marks.

This online course includes:

– Personal one-to-one help choosing your IA topic


– live tutorials with sally every fortnight

That’s not all! Check this out….

Topic Choice

Choose the perfect IB Physics IA topic in less than 15 minutes.

Writing your Introduction

How to make it brief and interesting

Theory and Hypothesis

How to write the background physics and hypothesis for your investigation

Choosing Variables

Examiners LOVE to see this section included in your Physics IA

Diagram and Apparatus

The quick, easy and free way to draw a fantastic diagram of your experiment

Methodology and Safety

Keep it short, simple and under 10 steps

Raw and Processed Data

How to present and process you data; including scary uncertainties

Graphs - Error bars and all!

Walking you through the excel graph and creating maximum and minimum lines of best fit


Answer these simple questions for the perfect conclusion


How to evaluate how effective your investigation was – in a few easy steps

Full marks for communication

There’s FOUR marks available for this section – that’s nearly 17% !!

I've finished - what next?

A few suggestions of what you can do with your IA once you’ve written it.

“I would not have been able to score my 7 points in IB Physics if it had not been for Sally's creatively designed experiments, patient explanations of physics concepts and constant encouragement.”

— Siddarth Bishnoi - CASS Business School (after IB)

Who is this step-by-step guide for?

Students who are about to start their IB Physics IA (or have already started). Even if you have literally NO IDEA where to start – this course will make everything super simple for you.

Students who have lots of other commitments. This online is specifically designed to be as simple and efficient as possible. There aren’t hours and hours of video tutorials – just targeted tutorials and notes from a highly professional physics teacher who will help you maximise your marks in your Physics IA.

Who is this step-by-step guide NOT for?

  • Lazy people! This online course is not for students who can’t be bothered to write their own IA. You can’t copy what I’ve written and submit it as your own – then expect full marks. That won’t happen. Life doesn’t work like that! You will have to choose your own topic, carry out the investigation and write up your own bespoke IA – BUT you’ll do it with maximum support from a professional physics teacher.
  • Students that are not really interested in achieving the best grade possible. Do you have other plans after school that don’t involve getting good grades? You may just be trying to simply pass the diploma. This online course is specifically created to help motivate you to achieve the best IB Physics grade possible, so this is probably not the best fit for you.

“Sally is an inspirational teacher who has been able to thoroughly prepare my daughter for her exams combining clear instruction with great tutoring. Most importantly Sally has been able to motivate her to fulfil her full potential and make the subject fun”

— Chris Banatvala - Happy Parent!

how much?

online course
Step-by-step guide


One-time payment

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  • Choose your IA topic in under 15 minutes
  • Copy my EXACT workflow through your whole Physics IA
  • Totally ace your Excel graph with super, simple tutorials
  • Complete your IA knowing that you have maximised your marks in every section


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one-time payment

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  • ⬅ EVERYTHING in the online course ⬅ AND….
  • Detailed marking of your first draft
  • Constructive feedback for improvement
  • Efficient turnaround time for marking
  • Authenticity Check
I want the Ultimate IA package!

Frequently Asked Questions

What EXACTLY is included in this course?

There are 12 tutorials:

  1. Choosing your Topic
  2. Writing your Introduction
  3. Theory and Hypothesis
  4. Choosing your Variables
  5. Diagram and Apparatus List
  6. Methodology and Safety
  7. Raw and Processed Data
  8. Graph (Excel Tutorial Included)
  9. Writing the Perfect Conclusion
  10. Evaluation Made Easy
  11. Full Marks for Communication
  12. I’ve Finished – What next??

You’ll also get access to the [CUSTOMER ONLY] facebook group and the support email address – to help you with all your IA worries.

How soon can I start?

You can start straight away!

Upon purchase, you will be given direct access to the online course, which is contained within the member area of this website. .

You will also be sent the link for the closed VIP facebook group AND the support email address.

Can you just tell me what topic and research question to do??

Again – I’m no rule-breaker!

The guidelines from the IB state that:

  • Teachers can suggest possible topics and approaches to formulating questions but cannot allocate specific research questions to study.
  • The teacher will guide the student as to the appropriateness of the research question in terms of its level of complexity, in order to ensure that it is commensurate with the level of the course and compatible with the assessment criteria.

This course is expensive - why?

You could hire a private tutor to help you with this and they would typically charge £45 per hour. It would take four or five sessions for them to give you the help you need. The would cost £225+. The quality of private tutors are not always great…

In fact, they tend to know very little about the intricacies of the IB syllabus and even less about the details required to score top marks in the IA.

You could approach your teacher for help, which would cost you nothing. If they can be efficient and confident about the guidance you need for this IA – then this is a great option for you.

What software do I need to use?

Your IA can be completed using Word and Excel (for a PC) or Pages and  Numbers (for a Mac). It is not recommended that you use any other software.

What do I do if I need help?

OK – two places:

  1. VIP facebook group (link will be given upon purchase)
  2. There will be a contact form within the course once you purchase. You can use this at any time to request help.