How to Compare Gravitational and Electric Fields Most Effectively

As you know, I am always asking IB Students throughout the world how I can help them with IB Physics.

I had request from Iman, she said,

Please could you go over universal gravitation – particularly the application of different equations in relation to each other and the relationship/differentiation with electricity equations? – Iman

The best way to tackle this problem is to make a table. The table should look like this:

It compares gravitational and electric fields.

You simply fill it in! If you’d like to watch me fill it in – then watch the video above and I’ll lead you through the answers.

Before I did this tutorial I asked you to send me your questions and some people sent in questions saying, “I need help with the whole of waves” or “I need help with the whole of imaging topic”

I want to help you – I really do – but there’s a reason that Topic 9 recommends a teacher take 17 hours to teach you! So I can’t cover the whole of Waves in one online tutorial! So I went back to these guys and said, “I can help you with IB Physics. I can help you with the difficult things but you need to say to me something like I need help with double-slit interference”

The point I’m trying to make is BE SPECIFIC! and I will help you!!

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David Cohen


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