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“I got a 6 in my mock exams and my teacher was so surprised! I honestly feel confident that I can get a 7 using Ace Your IB Physics Exams. Thank you so much!”

— Aya, Denmark

“This course has honestly helped me better visualize the concepts that we learn in class. I am so grateful that this course and these tutorials exist, and I had to beg my mom to pay for it. ”

— Evelyn Van (Ace Your IB Physics Exams Student)

“I would not have been able to score my 7 points in IB Physics if it had not been for Sally's fun and comprehensive teaching style, patient explanations of physics concepts and constant encouragement.”

— Siddarth Bishnoi, CASS Business School

“Sally is an inspirational teacher who has been able to thoroughly prepare my daughter for her exams combining clear instruction with great tutoring. Most importantly Sally has been able to motivate her to fulfil her full potential and make the subject fun”

— Chris Banatvala, Parent